LIFEBRICK® THERM façade brick

Healthy and light house thermal insulaton system

The Lifebrick® façade system is a combination of original timeless design and excellent utility performance.  The Lifebrick® façade system is designated for all types of buildings. It is mounted on structures and is mostly used for the thermal insulation and revitalisation of blocks of flats, panel and family houses. The system is designed to maximally comply with environmental policy both during primary production and subsequent recycling. The cladding can also be demounted and used repeatedly.

This system was awarded the all-European ETA building construction certificate.

Manufacturing, material composition

The input material for manufacturing of the LIFEBRICK® Therm façade cladding is perlite-concrete. Perlite is a natural material obtained from igneous lava. Thanks to its performance, it has found significant application in the building construction industry.   It has good thermal insulation parameters, is resistant to the action of fungi and algae, is vapour permeable, inflammable, chemically resistant.
The façade cladding is full colour and is made in 8 colour shades.

Shape of the Lifebrick® façade cladding

The shape of the Lifebrick® façade cladding was designed on the basis of many years of experience in such a manner as to fulfil the building regulations and functional requirements. The Lifebrick® façade cladding forms the visible surface with a precision lock horizontally on the bottom and top side, a further part is the so-called wing that is used to install the next row of the cladding and fixture into the structure with a screw see assembly procedure. The shape of the Lifebrick® cladding is protected by an industrial pattern in the countries of the European Union.

Structure for the Lifebrick® ventilated façade system

Basic bar, spacer bar, corner bar, anchor brackets, dowels, screws, insulation

Implementation of the Lifebrick® façade

Your request and the specific characteristics of the building are the priority:

  • design – visualisation
  • thermal insulation – cost savings
  • moisture, mould – ventilation
  • protection of the masonry – weather conditions
  • We devote adequate time to you to ensure a perfect result and your maximum satisfaction.
  • We shall design an optimal solution for your real estate. We shall prepare a technical and price offer for you.
  • You can install the façade on DIY basis, or use the services of a company in your vicinity and we shall provide you with training in the installation of the façade system – personally on site, also an installation video, printed installation procedure.
  • We shall ensure delivery of the façade to you on turnkey basis including completion of the details – parapets, jambs, gutter downspouts, ceilings…

Model design solution



1. Interior | 2. Diffusion of water vapour | 3. Masonry
4. Thermal insulation | 5. Air gap – closed
6. Lifebrick therm cladding | 7. exterior


Lifebrick with aerated thermal insulation Polystyrene + trowel-on coating Wool + trowel-on coating
Service life 50+ years 10-15 years 10-15 years
Thermal insulation YES
Coating thickness 65 mm 1 - 10 mm 1 - 10 mm
Colourfastness YES NO
Environmentally friendly material YES NO Partial
Požární odolnost YES NO Partial
Washability YES NO NO
Mould resistance YES NO NO
Resistance to cracking YES NO NO


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